OEM Welding

Welding is one of the core services of ShuoPu, including manual welding, semi-automatic welding and fully automatic welding.
In manual welding, the welding workers have undergone various standard internal training and certification, with skilled technology, to ensure the efficient and high-quality completion of parts and components in the welding process. In some special fields with extremely high requirements, the CCS certified welders owned by ShuoPu can meet your most stringent requirements with their own welding capabilities.
In semi-automatic and fully automatic welding, Shuopu always adopts the most advanced welding equipment and facilities, cooperates with experienced welding workers, and uses the power of machines to complete the welding process well.
With more than 15 years of welding experience, Shuopu insists on putting quality and efficiency first and producing in compliance with ISO standards. With the help of welding technology, SUOP can confidently undertake various large-scale projects.

Quality Control
All welds must be restrict tested by our quality inspector.
Both destructive testing and non-destructive testing are performed per customer specification.