Precision CNC Machining

This is a customized processing service for products with different design and requirements.

Precision machining is a process involving the use of computer technology or experienced technicians to direct a variety of advanced machines in the forming of metal pieces. 

To meet the needs of all customers, our factory is equipped with 40m flame cutting machine, clamping production line, automatic welding manipulator production line, plate shearing machine, bending machine, plate rolling machine, lathe, six axis machining center, large rotary lathe, Heavy CNC drilling machine and various types of machining centers, so that we can process workpieces of various sizes and different requirements.

Among them, the production lines of flame cutting machine and automatic welding manipulator are up to 40m, which can not only process work for long steel plates or workpieces, but also work at the same time with two cutting machines or two automatic welding manipulators, which greatly improves the production speed. This is a major factor in our high production capacity and punctual delivery.

And, our heavy duty CNC milling machines include horizontal boring and milling machines and vertical milling machines with multi axis high-resolution machining motion. The built-in turntable enables us to mill, drill, tap and bore metal structures of different shapes in a single setup. Weldments with complex geometry are difficult to process with ordinary equipment, but our equipment can easily process any cam, mold and other complex shapes and profiles.

Our technically skilled machinists noted for their fine quality workmanship and attention to detail on each machining project that allow us to achieve a high degree of precision and speed.

CNC Milling 
CNC milling is specially designed for machining harder materials like stainless steel and titanium with high precision and accuracy.
Basic mills consist of a three-axis system (X, Y and Z), though most newer mills can accommodate three additional axes. ShuoPu owns several 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines. We can meet your high speed machining needs.


CNC Turning
The tools of a CNC turning center are mounted on a computer-controlled turret.
It combines both lathe and mill capabilities are designed to manufacture bars of material with axial and radial holes, inner diameters, grooves and etc. 
During production, the workpiece spins on vertical or horizontal axes, while the automated lathe moves around it and then shape a desired shape.