Shipbuilding industry

according to, the global shipbuilding market will reach $186.6 billion by 2025. With the gradual increase in the demand of the shipbuilding industry, the shipbuilding industry has ushered in vigorous development. The increasingly fierce competition has driven the market to raise the requirements for ship intelligent manufacturing process, shipbuilding material safety, reliability and welding quality.

Welding is one of the most widely used thermal processing processes in the shipbuilding industry. As a stable and high-quality welding service provider for marine components, Shuopu is proficient in the delivery standards of metal fabrication in different parts of the shipbuilding industry.

Shipbuilding Industry Fabrication Services for:
·Marine Fuel Tank
·Stainless Steel Fuel Tank
·Hatch Cover
·Crane Boom
·Crane Base
·Sealing Cap
·Electrical Control Room
·Fuel Tank Steel Base