Assembly Manufacturing Services

Precision Parts & Assembling

Shuopu company has been supporting customers in the defense, aerospace, energy, optics, directed energy, fire control and tire inspection industries for decades.  

We specialized in custom precision component. Shuopu has the right tools, resources, and experience to help you to develop the precision components you need for your specific application or end-use.From simple designs to components that require intricate work for multi-function use and everything in-between, we’ve seen it all.


What makes us different?
Precision component is extremely high accurated and with tight torlerance, which required experienced and knowledged technical team.
Our experienced technical team can accurately analyze the properties of parts from the production links such as procurement of materials, processing technology, surface treatment, overall coordination, etc., according to the drawings or ideas provided by customers. Through the precautions, processing sequence plan and strict quality control process, we are confident that the workpiece meets all customer requirements.


ShuoPu fabricates a wide variety of materials into ready-to-assemble or fully assembled components.  We will accept customer supplied material or purchase from one of our reliable vendors.  Our purchasing department has many years of experience in the industry and well-established relationships with mills and suppliers.


To ensure everything is correct with the custom metal fabrication projects we ship, we put all assemblies and subassemblies together to check that everything fits together as planned. Before they leave our shop, component assembly testing and whole machine assembly testing will be performed on every project.

Aluminum Alloys, Copper Alloys, Bronze Alloys, Magnesium, Steel Alloys, Zinc Alloys, Titanium Alloys, Stainless
Steel Alloys, Brass Alloys

Acrylic, Nylon, ABS, Delrin (Acetal), Garolite G10, HDPE, PC (Polycarbonate), PEEK, Polypropylene, PTFE
(Teflon), UHMW PE, PVC, G-10, Custom.
If other materials are required, just let us know.